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Lee Gilliland
Nov 08, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
In a comment column on FB, we were discussing a certain *ahem* not-to-be-named expresident, and going back and forth about, yea, this guy was bad, but... And I mentioned Hitler was a vegetarian, at least in his last years. Now, this is not something controversial. We have large numbers of memoirs that specifically mention not only would Hitler not eat meat, but that he enjoyed, over dinner, stories about how animals were butchered, trying to put them off their feed. This is not a speculation. Rudolph Hess turned to vegetarianism because of Hitler. Both his doctor and his secretary repeatedly snuck protein into Hitler's diet. Two years ago a dentist got hold of one of Hitler's teeth and analyzed it, and there was proof there that the man did not eat meat, at least in the last four years of his life. So I say again, verified fact. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with posting an historical truth? Did the Titanic not go down? Was Roosevelt not in a wheelchair? Did Kennedy not have affairs?

Lee Gilliland

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